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India… Oh,,, India,,,

It has been two months I am in india. There were so many things happened; simple one to complex one. If I write it down in written form, it will be a book, I guess. Unfortunately, I am not a writer, so I can not write it all.

It is still clear in my mind till now, the first hours of my time in India. I arrived by plane at 00.00 (midnight). There were two lovely Indonesian friends had been waiting me to pick me up. Then, we went to EFLU, Hyderabad. There was a very good planning, they would drop me off to the EFLU hostel (international dormitory for students) at the night. So I could rest my body well, cz there would be many stuffs to do in the morning. Finally, at 2.00 am, we got to the EFLU hostel, but I could not come in. the officer said that there was no room.  it got me shocked, cz it had been clarified before that there was a space for me. For your record, there was no hotel near EFLU. Fortunately,, Allah always helps me all the time. 

then i went to my friend’s flat and relaxed my very tired body there. unfortunately, i could not sleep at all till the morning came. nothing i could do. i was so excited and curious about my new environment. in the morning, my friends that picked me up and i went to the near railway station (read: Secunderabad) to pick up another new indonesian that had just come. he used the train from Bangalore to Hyderabad cz his flight was Air Asia. we lost him. the station was too big (i was still wondering at the time). we looked for him for hours in the station that was so crowded and strange smell. we did not find him and came back to the flat. 

i felt so tired and sleepy, but i had to report my coming and did some tests for joining report. while i was going to go, there was calling from the missing indonesian student. he was in the station. then some my friends picked him up. i went to ICCR office to report. it was not as simple as i thought. i was asked to do many things. as a result, my administrative report finished in between 15-20 days. those days were the hardest days in india so far,,, but Thanks God, i passed it with so many unforgettable experiences. 





Life is not about keeping score

It’s not about how many people call you and it’s not about who you have dated, are dating or haven’t dated at all.

It’s not about who you’ve kissed, what sport you play,or which guy or girl likes you.

It’s not about your shoes or your hair or the color of your skin or where you live or go to school.

In fact, it’s not about grades, money, clothes or colleges that accept you or not.

Life is not about if you have lots of friends, or if you are alone, and it’s not about how accepted or unaccepted you are.

Life just is not about that.

But life is about who you love and who you hurt.

It’s about how your fell about yourself.

It’s about trust, happiness and compassion.

It’s about sticking up for your friends and replacing inner hate with love. 

Life is about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance, and building confidence.

It’s about what you say and what you mean.

It’s about seeing people for who they are and not what they have.

Most of all, it’s about choosing to use your life to touch someone’s in a way that could never have been achieved otherwise.

These choices are what life’s about.


Nice Sermon,


Today is friday. I am happy today because the day feels shorter than other days and the weekend is coming up. Moreover, date of this friday is 4. (what does date 4 means?) it means that tomorrow is 5… (time to check my account or nengok ATM)

I will not write about ATM or something that has connection to that kind of stuff. i just wanna tell about my experience today. as i have written before,,  today is friday. just like others Friday, i went to Mosque to do pray Jum’at together (berjama’ah). today was different. The sermon was awesome. i didn’t know who the preacher was, cz i was coming a little late. fortunately, i could hear the whole sermon presented by the preacher.

The preacher told about Islam condition these years. it was told that the phenomenon of Moslems behaviour were describing to the end of the world. He also gave so many logical and up to date examples. Less Moslems that do 5 daily prays, Less Moslem reciting the Holy Qur’an, many Moslems behave as if they did not have guidance, were the examples of them. In addition, he also gave  some examples of Moslem’s behavior of other Islamic countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. He had ever visited those countries (i guess), cz he could give clear and understandable explanation.

At the end of the sermon (the second part) he gave some advice that i thought must be done by every Moslems. He told that as a good Moslem, we must have four “i” to make Islam exist and get along (able to face.red) to the globalization era. they were;


by mastering information, Moslem could develop the Moslem society itself, by then Islam could face the world and spread all around the world.


By having intellectual, Moslem could compete with others.


Interpretation here means that Moslem must be careful in receiving and giving meaning to something new. Moslems must be careful.


it means that Moslems must implement all capacity to the real action. Use the information and intellectual wisely.

May be i give incomplete information (i write what i remember)… hehehe

Hopefully it will be useful,,

Do I deserve…??

recently, there was someone who told me about her problem deal with her boyfriend. we could call her as Ms. “X”. She told me that she doubted about her boyfriend’s seriousness. “He had changed a lot,,!!!  He didn’t love me anymore!!”, said Ms. X. Actually, i have already known her boyfriend. he is not young anymore (mature). he is good and nice enough. for the record, it was not the first time she shared and told me about the problem. all i could do, giving her the best advice i had according to my view. “make your self better first, then God will give you the best one”.


In some occasion, they broke up for a while, then recommit, then broke up again (putus nyambung.red). once upon a time when they broke up, Ms.X sent me a message.

mas, would you help me please? i can’t stand for it. i do really want totally break up with him. i already have enough age to be married, i want serious and committed relationship

after receiving the message, i replied it at the time,

“yes, i would. what can i do for you?”(notes; i and Ms. X have known each other for a long time)

couple seconds later,,, there was new message in my inbox,

do u have male good friends, mas? i am sure that you have some. please introduce me to one of them. i do really want to have serious relationship. for the requirements, he must be KIND, RESPONSIBLE, UNDERSTANDING, RELIGIOUS, HANDSOME (if applicable), and CLEVER”

The question ishow and where do i can find someone like that? Does he want to have relationship with her?

you can answer to those questions by your self. (my personal answer; that’s impossible) no offense intended.

Actually, everyone in the world want something that is the best; including partner for the whole life (husband or wife), just like me. The problem is “do we realize who we are and do we deserve to get the best one? You don’t have to answer the questions. just tell your heart and let it answer the questions for you. i am 100% sure your heart know the answer.

i myself learn something from the situation above, if i want something good, we have to do extra effort. in the matter of partner, i do believe that good men for good women (like what Allah SWT said in the Holy Quran).

Have you made yourself better and better? if you have, there will be the best partner that God gives to you.

If you haven’t. let’s start it right now, today!

God never sleeps. You can rely everything on Him.

You will not be disappointed.

Love of my Life was Taken.

it’s been 7 years i don’t see her smile, don’t hear her voices, don’t eat what she cook, and will never feel something like those anymore. sometimes, i hardly miss all those stuff. the only thing i can do just “memorizing”, in very bad condition,,, (crying).  it doesn’t mean that i am not strong enough,,, hehehe,,, it’s just the way i am

I still remember and always remember her voices,,, her yelling,,, her advices,,, and everything.

The Last time i saw and talked to her was in April 15, 2006. On the day, I saw her laughed together with my siblings and also my Dad, just like other days. There was one thing that made the situation special and priceless. She had just came back home after 3 days out of home. She had just visited her Mom who was in Hospital. Because of the condition of her Mom was getting better,, she deciced to came home.

Around 3.45 pm, there was a ringing phone from a handphone. She answered the phone and then Crying. She was told that her Mom had passed away. Innalillahi wainnailaihi roji’un…..

She was crying all the time. it was the first time to me to see her crying over and over  loudly (really really sad). DO U KNOW WHAT,,,,? SHE is my beloved mother. (which means that i had just lost my grandma forever).

i didn’t know exactly how bad was her feeling (my Mom) at that time. i was so sure that it was so bad.

At 4.30pm, after pray Ashar and get prepared, two of my brothers, my Mom and Dad were ready to visit my grandma’s funeral in Kebumen regency (around 3 – 4 hours trip by private transportation). some of our relatives suggest my parents to go to Kebumen with them by using car after Magrib. My mom insisted that she must go at the time. then, They went to Kebumen by riding motorcycle to make the trip simpler and easier. There were 2 motorcycle (#1 My mom, My Dad, and my little sister who was 3 years old; #2 My Brothers). Indeed, i did really want to go with them, in order to respect my Grandma’s funeral. on the other hand, I have 6 other younger siblings i had to looked after while my parents out of the house.

Actually, i was at the last year of high school at the time and i would face my final examination at May 16, 2006 (1 month from that day). so, i used my time to do some exercises i had. After Magrib, i just stayed at home and did some math exercises, while all of younger siblings went to Langgar (small place like Mosque to learn Islamic taught). At 08.00pm, three of my siblings came back and watched TV, while the other 3 were playing in my relatives’ house. i just continued doing my math in another room. around 9.30 pm, while i was ready to go bed, i heard a crying sound outside the house. at first, i thought it was my sibling who is crying. then i realized that it was not. it was my relatives’ crying sound. She knocked the door and keep crying. then i opened up the door and asked her to come in. i confused what was going on. i asked her “what was wrong?” She just added her crying volume become louder. i got more confused. i insisted her to explain what was going on.

after couple minutes, she told me hardly that My Mom and my Little sister had just got an accident. My Mom had passed away and my sister’s leg was broken. i had nothing to say. i just kept silent. i lost my mind. i just felt so bad and sad. CRYING was the only thing i could do. it felt like i had no bones in my body, i could not stand for my self.

Couple days had passed, it came to me the time to face the final Examination of High School. i just did my best. At the day of the announcement, i was told that i Passed and in the bests three.Alhamdulillah,,,